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The Z Syndicate (ZX Syndicate in Japan) is a sinister and mysterious organization and is one of the antagonists in Custom Robo (GameCube). General knowledge about them is scarce to the public and their motives are truly difficult to pin down. However what is known is that they're constructing plots through use of Custom Robo.

The heads of the Z Syndicate include Oboro, Eliza, Isabella, and Sergei. Oboro and Sergei work together while Eliza and Isabella are a team. Sergei was the sole member of the Z Syndicate that remained loyal to the Hero's Father, the original leader.

When the Hero's Father was still alive, the organization's main purpose was to organize strong commanders that could take down Rahu. However, after his death, the organization was splintered into 2 factions: Oboro's Faction and Eliza's Faction. The two factions started quarreling for total control over the entire organization. Both leaders sought to obtain Rahu to cement their power. So, in an ironic twist, the main goal of the Z Syndicate changed from stopping Rahu to controlling Rahu.



  • Though the origins of the Z is unknown many citizens try to decipher it's meaning. This leads to the Non-playable guessing the words "Zero, Zelda, Zebes". These are references to other Nintendo Franchises.
    • "Zero" refers to the main character of the Mega Man Zero series.
    • "Zelda" refers to the character "Princess Zelda" from The Legend Of Zelda Series
    • "Zebes" alludes to "Planet Zebes", a recurring planet in the Metroid franchise.
  • Oboro's Faction only has male members while Eliza's Faction has both male and female members. However, the high members of Eliza's faction are only female (Eliza and Isabella).
  • Going along with Oboro's theme of traditional war customs, his henchmen are seen in standard attire for warriors.
  • The Z Syndicate is one of the only two antagonizing organizations that started out good and later turned evil.
    • The only other antagonizing organization to share this distinction is the Nikaido Group.

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