Yurie is Mamoru's sister. Work was at first a shy personality was in delicate health, "first" Commander has since been cured of the disease in the ED, tomboyish character is guileless or changed in reaction to previous 180 other. Custom Robo superior talent and ability there's only sister Mamoru, Genta in a few seconds to make as well 当Razu even one shot gun. Hair is "original" long straight in, "V2" in the volume, semi-long, "GX" is also changing in the Long. "V2" has been proclaimed as commander of a secret spy in, Takuma School were investigating a suspicious lot of their own story. In addition, "primary" from what was targeted by Dread at the "human-type robot using illegal parts and autonomous mobility hate," but said that, for some reason "GX" rare parts and illegal stations in and out of the dark also used. Whether there was any change in mental state during this time is unknown. The thing that does not seem well aware of Mamoru. "Fierce Fighting!" Turn out to be commander in becomes idle. Mascot hobby but making sense or making doll's appearance is from quite heterogeneous and do not get around to understand the model of the dolls made of anything.

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