X-Ray Render
Model Shining Fighter
Style Normal (GX)
Other (Arena)
Size* 8 x 4 x 2
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description One of the Ray models. While it has high speed and power, its defensive power is diminished.
Attack GX: 5
Arena: 105%
Defense GX: 5
Arena: 4
Endurance GX: 5
Arena: 4
Speed GX: 5
Arena: 6
Aerial Arena: 6
Air Dash
Speed 384 hm/s
Length 52.5 in
Type Air Dash
Quantity GX: 1
Arena: 2
Type Attack
Action Lightning fast frontal charge.
Speed 348 hm/s
Standard Damage 191
Effect Opponent sent slowly up.
Ground Speed 134 hm/s
Jump Speed 183 hm/s
Jump Distance 45.0 in
*currently measured in inches

X-Ray first appeared in Custom Robo GX, then returned in Custom Robo Arena. It is a Normal Style Shining Fighter in Custom Robo GX and an Other Style Shining Fighter in Custom Robo Arena. It is primarily used by the Hero in Custom Robo GX.

Later in Custom Robo GX, your X-Ray is stolen by the Nikaido Group and is modified into Ray Sky. Another one is given to you afterwards.

How To obtainEdit

  • Custom Robo GX: Start the Game or Lady P's Password Machine
  • Custom Robo Arena: Catch Coyote. If you fail to catch him and he gets away, you can buy X-Ray at the Police Station for $500 post-game.

Strategy Edit


As it is the Normal type of Shining Fighters, X-Ray is the Jack of All Trades of GX. As such, there really isn't much to emphasize about him due to how easy it is to work with him. However, do try to cancel his Air Dash with the Action Chip (a universal technique) as his dash is normally not cancellable (unlike Aerial Beauties).

AI (Hero)
Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Robo X-Ray
Gun Gaiou Gun
Bomb Camilla Bomb
Subweapon Dolphin Pod R
Action Chip Short Slash
A rushdown set created by the Nikaido Group based on the Hero's thought patterns. The Camilla Bomb stuns and the Gaiou Gun deals massive damage. Short Slash will attack towards the enemy. Dolphin Pod R will go through walls to reach its target. Truly worthy of the final opponent of the game.


Because of its style combination of power and speed, and its strong charge attack, a close range set is recommended. As X-Ray's weakness is its low defense high power weapons and light legs like Ground Legs are ideal for getting the most out of this robo.

Electric X-Plosion Slash
Creator: Shining Fighter Ray
Robo X-Ray
Gun Stun Gun
Bomb Standard Bomb
Pod Trio Pod H
Legs Formula Legs
Run around the Holosseum, waiting for a chance to strike, and while you are doing so, use Trio Pod H, as your opponent may run into one (just make sure YOU don't). Then, when the opportunity arises, get up close, hit with the Stun Gun, Charge, then bomb followed immediately by a charge. Does high damage. (Note: This setup works good with most, if not all of the Ray Models, but is easiest with X-Ray and does the most damage).

Creator: Shining Fighter Ray
Robo X-Ray
Gun Magnum Gun
Bomb Standard Bomb
Pod Buster Pod
Legs Formula Legs
Obviously, this setup is made to make many damaging combos. The easiest one is to get up close, shoot with the gun, fire the pod, then the bomb (In that order), and after that, do one of two things: 1.Retreat, and get ready to strike again, or 2. hit the enemy with a shot from the Magnum, then RUN! The hardest combo to do with this set is, get up close, Magnum shot, Pod followed by bomb followed IMMEDIATELY by a Charge. Does from 333 damage to 370 damage. All combos do at least 250 damage. (Note: the trickiest thing with the combos in this setup is, if you are not the appropriate distance from your opponent, you could be hit by your own Pod/Bomb!)

Lightning Sword Prince
Creator: Anonymous X-Ray fan
Robo X-Ray
Gun Thunderbolt gun
Bomb Standard bomb F
Pod Sky Freeze pod
Legs Feather legs
This seems to be my best set so far. This set is built around its charge and, ironically for the X-Ray, is best used on the ground at a safe distance behind cover, especially pillars. The thunderbolt gun has great damage for the stun that it provides, send out its shots behind cover. The bomb is simply for follow up attacks. The pod is to set up freeze obstacles. The legs are really up to you, I just prefer the feather legs, the ground legs are good as well.



  • X-Ray's name is a reference to the type of Electromagnetic Radiation of the same name. It has a shorter wavelength when compared to light, another member of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.
    • X-Rays have higher frequency than visible light. This could be the reason why X-Ray can be considered a Glass Cannon in Custom Robo Arena.