Winder Bomb
Range Medium, Long
Blast Type Standard
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment
Default Position
Illegal No
Description When launching this bomb, move the cursor to spread the drop points.
Attack 5
Speed 7
Size 5
Time 5
Down 6
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round
Air Description

The Winder Bomb fires three bombs as you move the bombing reticule, making it one of the most unique bomb parts. Traps ground opponents and blocks some jumpers from landing. The illegal version is the Sling Bomb.


  • Move the reticule in a "triangle" motion to create a large affected blast area.
  • Fire bombs in a straight line perpendicular to your line of sight with the enemy. This can keep him at a distance.
  • Some commanders choose to use the Winder Bomb with a Lightning Sky for ease of reticule movement.


  • Keep moving away from the enemy's reticule.

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