John Winchell
Occupation Training Assistant
Robo Of Choice Pipit
Commander License N/A
Resides Mt. Zephyr
Game Custom Robo Arena

Winchell is one of Stark's assistants in Custom Robo Arena. He's a mischievous guy who spends the little free time he has to sneak off to the diorama shops.

You will meet him after you meet Lunax, Solax and Terrax at the Forester tournament were Lunax tells you that a person named Stark teaches the Soulboost at Mt. Zephyr. When you reach to top of the mountain you will be blocked by Shipley and Winchell when you try to reach Stark.

You get to fight him when you take the test from Stark to learn the soulboost. You will find him at the Bayside Diorama Shop. Before you fight him you will first have to give him whatever diorama he asks for (You have to pick one diorama from the list he gives you), you will fight him in a combo battle were the objective is to get 160 combo to win. (If you give him Dolphin March, however, you don't have to fight him AND you get 100 credits.)

He is also present at the two Robo Cups as a participant along with Shipley.

He prefers the robo Pipit to fight with.


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