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Wide Vulcan
Wide Vulcan
Classification Legal
Attack 3
Speed 3
Homing 4
Reload 3
Down 2
Alpha Shot Fires 4 shots in a 2x2 pattern that home in on the opponent.
Beta Shot Fires 6 shots in a 3x2 pattern that fan out.

The Wide Vulcan is a gun that appears in Custom Robo GX. It is a combined upgrade of the 3-Way Gun and the Vertical Gun of the 3D Titles.

Its Alpha Shot fires 4 shots in a 2x2 pattern. These rounds have pretty decent homing.

Its Beta Shot fires 6 shots in a 3x2 pattern. These shots don't home as well, but cover a ton of space, so it's hard to not get hit by them.

Blizzard Rain is the illegally upgraded version of the Wide Vulcan that appears in the same game.


Defending Against


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