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Walt (Normal)
Occupation Father
Robo Of Choice Dour Head
Commander License N/A
Resides Dome City
Game Custom Robo Battle Revolution

Walt is a character that appears in Custom Robo Battle Revolution. He is the husband of Carmen and the father of Will and Wendy. He is the Hero's neighbor, so he knows Lucy and the Hero well.

When looking at his personality, he can be seen as kind and caring towards his family. However, he does have several arguments with his wife over several different topics. At one point Carmen accused Walt of cheating on her when Trish's phone number was found in Walt's Laundry (Harry dropped the number while visiting the Hero's apartment).

Walt constantly desires to rectify his thinning hair by purchasing a toupee (even though Carmen desires a new purse instead). However, during the Grand Battles, Carmen relents and lets him purchase a toupee. However, Walt goes overboard with the spending as he is seen with a new (horribly designed) toupee every time the Hero sees him. In the end, he decides that the best toupee would be one designed after the Hero's hairstyle, which gives the Hero nightmares.

He commands the Dour Head, a Funky Big Head robo.


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