Model Sassy Stunner
Style Armor
Size* 9 x 4 x 1
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description Can air-dash 4 times. Drifts down after air-dash. Good jumper, well adapted to dogfights.
Attack V2: 100%
Arena: 100%
Defense CR1: 6
V2: 6
Arena: 5
Endurance CR1: 5
V2: 5
Arena: 5
Speed CR1: 3
V2: 3
Arena: 5
Aerial CR1: 6
V2: 6
Arena: 7
Air Dash
Speed 288 hm/s
Length 37.5 in
Type Air Dash
Quantity 4
Type Movement
Action Floating cartwheel.
Speed 256 hm/s
Standard Damage CR1: 150
V2: 150
Arena: 167
Effect Opponent flies opposite to Vanessa's location.
Ground Speed 112 hm/s
Jump Speed 189 hm/s
Jump Distance 67.5 in
*currently measured in inches

Vanessa is a Sassy Stunner robo that appears in Custom Robo (Nintendo 64), Custom Robo V2, and Custom Robo Arena. It is an Armor Style robo that is primarily used by Minamo in all of her appearances as well as Kindjal (when not using Freya) and several NPCs in Arena.

How to obtainEdit


Vanessa has excellent defense for a Sassy Stunner robo, so she can be used for tanking sets. However, she is pretty slow on the ground overall (except in Arena, where she is average). As such, you want to stay in the air when using her.

Her charge attack is a decent anti-air attack that also allows her to act afterwards, so use it if you want to remain invincible to gun-fire when jumping or when you want to punish an advancing opponent via the air.

Use the Wide Jump Legs or the High Jump Legs when using her as this will boost her very good 1st jump.

Stormy Seductress
Creator: Sylar
Robo Vanessa
Gun Meteor Storm Gun
Bomb Acrobat Bomb
Pod Speed Pod P
Legs Feather Legs
Use the bomb to quickly traverse the stage. Use the gun as you fall to stun and damage the enemy. Once you land, fire a pod, then finish with a charge. Bonus damage if used on a lava stage.



  • Vanessa is a feminine given name that was formed by combining Esther Vanhomrigh's names. As Esther meant "Star" and Van means "From" (in some cases), you could say that Vanessa means "From the Stars"
  • Vanessa is also a name of a Butterfly Genus. As Sassy Stunners are excellent dog fighters, Vanessa's name probably also drew inspiration from this Genus.

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