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V Laser Gun
Range Long
Round(s) 2,1
Standard Damage 87
Sweet spot close
Illegal No
Description Fires a quick laser.
Attack 4
Speed 9
Homing 1
Reload 1
Down 9
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 87.00
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round 97.00
Air Description

The V Laser Gun shoots two lasers in a V shape. From the air it fires a single round straight. The illegal version is the X Laser Gun though Amun Gun retains properties of the V Laser.


This gun is quite possibly the best gun against ground based foes such as Little Raiders, as its ground shots stay active for a long time and have great down, effectively trapping your opponent. Some commanders also like to use the air shot liberally on a jumper.

An F-type bomb or pod can perfectly knock an enemy into the V Laser's ground shot, and applying pressure with the Seeker Pod or other homing bomb or pod can often force your opponent to move into the gun's hitbox.

Firing the V Laser from point blank range allows both lasers to hit simultaneously, inflicting high damage.


If your opponent fires at you from the ground, get in the middle as the rounds won't hit you. Beware though, as the gun's hitbox remains active for a deceptively long time (after the rounds have disappeared from the screen), so a high jump is the safest way to dodge the rounds. Air shots, while quicker, are more straightforward and direct, and are best evaded by air dashing or through a charge.


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