Umbrella Pod
ME0000391418 2
Range Short, Medium
Blast Type B
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment 3
Illegal No
Description Hovers overhead before it explodes. Deploys 3 pods at once. Good against fliers.
Attack 5
Speed 3
Homing 4
Size 5
Time 4
Firing Detail
Ground Dmg/Round
Ground Description
Air Dmg/Round
Air Description

The Umbrella Pod is a weapon that sends three pods forward that explode in the air after a short distance. A very useful short-range weapon that prevents escape and short- or mid-range aerial attack. It usually doesn't work on Ground robos.


Use the Umbrella Pod can be used many ways, almost all effective.

For ground robos, use it as an Umbrella to stop jumping. This can be useful for using bombs, or for hitting with large combos.

For aerial robos, use it from the air to let you hit accurately with your gun. One other popular technique is called egg dropping.


Mostly, just stay on the move. Using charges conservatively can also be effective.

Egg dropping can be one of the hardest things to avoid. The trick is to stay out of the Umbrella pods range. That means you can either stay at long ranges, or stay at very close ranges. At long range, you're vulnerable to shots from the commonly used egg dropping guns (i.e, Glider, Eagle, and Homing Star) so it's best to stay right under the opposing robo.

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