Model Burning Beast
Style Armor
Size* 10 x 6 x 4
Cube size V2: Medium
Arena: Large
Classification Legal
Description Can air-dash once. Uses stealth while air-dashing to dodge enemy gun attacks.
Attack V2: 100%
Arena: 100%
Defense V2: 7
Arena: 6
Endurance V2: 5
Arena: 6
Speed V2: 2
Arena: 4
Aerial V2: 8
Arena: 6
Air Dash
Speed 332 hm/s
Length 52.5 in
Type Stealth Dash
Quantity 1
Type Attack
Action Pauses a moment, then charges straight ahead.
Speed 416 hm/s
Standard Damage V2: 150
Arena: 155
Effect Opponent hit diagonally forward.
Ground Speed 103 hm/s
Jump Speed 220 hm/s
Jump Distance 45.0 in
*currently measured in inches

Tricerion is a Burning Beast that appears in Custom Robo V2 and Custom Robo Arena. It is a Armor Style robo that is primarily used by NPCs.

How to obtainEdit


If you are playing Custom Robo V2, AVOID this robo. Gorion COMPLETELY outclasses this robo by having the same Defense stat while having more attack than Tricerion. One advantage that Tricerion has over Gorion is the fact that it is on all fours, so some attacks that would hit Gorion might avoid Tricerion. Stat-wise, however, Gorion is equal or superior in every way.

Tricerion's charge has huge amounts of invincibility, but has a long start up. Timed right, you can charge through anything between you and your opponent. Coupled with the stealth dash, this robo is exceptional at closing distance quickly and efficiently.

A downside to Tricerion is its large frame, which is bulkier than other Burning Beasts, making it slightly more likely to get hit.

Tricera Trap
Creator: X Gunner
Robo Tricerion
Gun Rayfall Gun
Bomb Gemini Bomb B
Pod Cockroach Pod H
Legs Feather Legs
This set uses a strategy to mess with the camera angle so your opponeont won't see what's coming. The idea is to fire Rayfall Gun into the air, use Charge to get up close to your opponent; then the Rayfalls will hit your opponent. Your opponent will not be able to see the Rayfalls once you get up close. Use Gemini Bomb B to trap your opponent on the sides, and use Cockroach Pod H to keep your opponent from moving straight forward.

Swift Halo
Creator: Limxzero
Robo Tricerion
Gun Halo Gun
Bomb Burrow Bomb P
Pod Feint Pod G
Legs Plus One Legs
Launch bombs on either sides of the enemy and deploy pods to block forward movement. When the enemy jumps forward toward you, fire the gun. Its large shot should knock him down.

Creator: Ruigtand
Robo Tricerion
Gun V Laser Gun
Bomb Smash Bomb
Pod Wall Pod
Legs Ground Legs
Use the charge to clear long distances, then fire the bomb to pin the enemy in. Fire the gun and then the pod for massive damage. The ground shot for the gun can be used to counter at long range.



  • Tricerion is named after (and based on) the Triceratops Dinosaur.
  • It is the only robo in Custom Robo V2 to move on all fours.
    • However, Custom Robo Arena made it such that all Burning Beast robos move on all fours. This includes Wolfen (a previously bipedal robo in V2) and Leon (a newcomer).

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