Trap Gun
Range Long
Round(s) BR: 7 (Ground) / 5 (Air)
Arena: 3
Standard Damage 24
Sweet spot {{{sweetspot}}}
Illegal No
Description Spread your fire!
Attack 3
Speed 3
Homing 2
Reload 4
Down 1
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 24.00
Ground Description Rounds delay briefly.
Air Damage/Round 24.00
Air Description Rounds fly forward.

The Trap Gun is a gun that should be used only by advanced commanders. It fires stalling rounds on the ground and fairly fast vertical rounds in the air. The Trap Gun is good for pressuring your enemy if you know what you're doing.


  • Be very careful with the ground shot, because it often leaves you open to attack. The air shot is excellent for combos because you can usually hit the enemy repeatedly.
  • Use on Flooding Grotto is very popular.


Don't sit in one place. Keep moving and be wary of bombs at the same time.

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