Titan Pod
Range Medium
Blast Type Other
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment
Illegal No
Description Explodes when you fire. Though weak, it has an enormous blast radius.
Attack 1
Speed 1
Homing 3
Size 10
Time 10
Firing Detail
Ground Dmg/Round
Ground Description
Air Dmg/Round
Air Description

The Titan Pod moves very slowly and does little damage. Its redeeming feature is the huge explosion that immediately knocks down any robo within the radius.


Get the opponent into a rhythm of avoiding the blasts, then unexpectedly attack when there is a change in direction.


  • Keep away from the falling shells. Your enemy is counting on this, so be prepared to dodge gun rounds as well.
  • Turning defense into offense by forcing the enemy into their own bomb blasts is useful if done without compromising own health.

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