Titan Bomb
Range Long
Blast Type Other
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment
Default Position
Illegal No
Description Flies slowly in an arc, striking with a weak but massive blast.
Attack 2
Speed 1
Size 10
Time 7
Down 10
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round
Air Description

The Titan Bomb's (Giant Bomb in Japan) main purpose is to block foes. Placement is very important because even though the blast radius is enormous, the bomb deploys very slowly which can make routing your opponent towards the blast a little difficult. The illegal version is the Deva Bomb.

In Custom Robo (Nintendo 64), the bomb functioned like the Deva Bomb, dealing massive damage to those who got hit.


Most robos are knocked down from this bomb, so be ready with your gun. Be careful not to run into your own bomb.


  • Watch the falling bombs and quickly move away while also avoiding other enemy attacks.
  • Do not dodge this bomb at the lat moment because it severely limits your escape options.


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