Sword Storm Gun
ME0000415414 2
Range Medium-Long
Round(s) 6
Standard Damage 108
Sweet spot {{{sweetspot}}}
Illegal No
Attack 3
Speed 5
Homing 2
Reload 4
Down 3
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 108
Ground Description Fires 6 rounds up high.
Air Damage/Round 108
Air Description Fires 6 rounds up high.

When you fire the Sword Storm Gun, long blue swords appear in the sky and home in on your enemy.


A good strategy would be to use a Metal Bear robo and fire this gun from long range. Why a Metal Bear? Well if the enemy gets to close you'd normally be vulnerable because it takes this gun a long time to fire. The Metal Bear has a trick though, its charge can do a great deal of damage and is very precise. Also the Metal Bear being a Metal Grappler, obviously has great offensive and defensive stats. A Straight Bomb S and a Speed Pod D are also recommended, again for protection in case your enemy gets to close. Avoid backing the enemy up against a wall, as this will render this gun useless.

A renowned gun-firing technique for the Sword Storm Gun is to put up uneven salvos at varying intervals to keep the enemy guessing. The rate of reload makes this very doable.


Keep moving around because the Sword Storm Gun rounds stall in the air and home on to you. They then launch directly to where you were standing. Don't return to your former position if your opponent launches another round at you. Since your foe does not need a line of sight to hit you with this gun, they will likely hide behind walls--the Wave Bomb may be useful against users of this gun.


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