Swift Arena
Model Little Raider (BR)
Little Sprinter (Arena)
Style Normal (BR)
Speed (Arena)
Size* 5 x 2 x 1
Cube size Small
Classification Legal
Description Can air-jump 3 times. Good dodging and ground maneuverability. Reduced offensive power.
Attack BR: 95%
Arena: 95%
Defense BR: 1.0
Arena: 2
Endurance BR: 0.5
Arena: 1
Speed BR: 4.5
Arena: 9
Aerial BR: 2.5
Arena: 4
Air Dash
Speed 187 hm/s
Length 60.0 in
Type Air Jump
Quantity 3
Type Movement
Action BR: Charges towards its opponent with a short jump.
Arena: Soars in a low arc and flips.
Speed 475-310-170 hm/s
Standard Damage BR: 100 (stat is 1.5)
Arena: 119
Effect BR: Opponent flies behind Swift.
Arena: Opponent flies forward.
Ground Speed 164 hm/s
Jump Speed 183 hm/s
Jump Distance 60.0 in
*currently measured in inches

Swift is a robo that appears in Custom Robo (GameCube) and Custom Robo Arena. In Custom Robo Battle Revolution (the GameCube game), she was a Normal Style Little Raider that was primarily used by Wendy, Trish, Kusun, and general NPC characters. However, in Arena, she was changed to a Speed Style Little Sprinter and was primarily used by Tanya and generic female NPC characters.

How to obtainEdit


This robo is extremely fast. Choose fast-firing and reloading guns and bombs, and use it against slow opponents to take advantage of her good maneuverability, fast charge and three air jumps.

Swift Fury
Creator: Silver493 (Strayed)
Robo Swift
Gun Needle Gun
Bomb Volcanic Bomb
Pod Seeker Pod G
Legs Stabilizer Legs
A hit and run set. Keep the pressure on your foe by launching your bombs and pod. Force your foe into the bombs and pods by using the needle gun. Then finish with a charge. NOTE: this is not a power based set but focuses on combos.

Creator: Sylar
Robo Swift
Gun Flare Gun
Bomb Right Wave Bomb
Pod Caboose Pod T
Legs Ground Legs
The Right Wave is fast enough to keep the enemy on the move, so use it to draw him towards you. Fire off the pods to the sides, then when they draw him in, fire the gun at the right range for massive damage. Finish with a charge.



  • Swift was named after a bird.
    • This makes her the only Little Sprinter robo to be named after a bird.
  • Swift is the only robo in the series to "change" Robo Models.
    • However, the Little Raider and Little Sprinter classes were merged in Custom Robo Battle Revolution. This would explain why she returned as a Little Sprinter in Arena.
  • In general, Swift is most similar to Bel from the classic games due to them sharing the same Charge attack.
    • Like Bel (and Angelica), Swift has her "hair" in curls.
    • However, while Bel has better Attack, Swift generally has better mobility on the ground and in the air.
  • In Battle Revolution, Swift (and all other Little Raider robos) takes an extra 5% damage from all attacks.
  • Swift's Battle Revolution render depicts her having the following parts equipped: