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Certain guns have specific sweet spots which improve the gun's capabilities. Notable mentions include the Flare Gun and Halo Gun.

There are different effects for different guns:

  • In/De: increased/decreased damage
  • Contact: quicker contact with foe
  • Vantage: instant hit
  • Barrage: all rounds make contact while maintaining or exceeding damage output (excluding guns with either 2 or less rounds, and 7 or more rounds)
  • Other: Visable rounds miss but foe still takes damage.

All of which has a set distance to use. Below is a list of some known guns with sweet spots and the type of sweet spot they have:

Sweet Spots
Name Range Type 3-Way Gun Close In/De
Flame Gun Mid In/De
Flare Gun Mid In/De
Indigo Gun Close-Mid In/De
Meteor Storm Gun Close In/De
Rahu I Gun Mid In/De
Rahu II Gun Mid In/De
Rahu III Gun Mid In/De
Right/Left Spike Gun Close-Mid In/De
Rising Gun Close In/De
Sniper Gun Close In/De
Halo Gun* Close-Mid Contact
Gravity Gun* Mid on Slanted Field Vantage
Homing Star Gun Long Barrage
Phoenix Gun Close Other
V Laser Gun Close Other

* Denotes more effective use with a robo which holds its gun low. Based on round height.

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