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Roy's robo, the Halberd, is a Strike Vanisher.

Strike Vanishers are sleek, armored robos that have appeared in Custom Robo V2, Custom Robo GX, Custom Robo (GameCube), and Custom Robo Arena. They have similar stats to Shining Fighters, but they generally lack in speed. In addition, they cannot jump as high as Shining Fighters. To compensate for this lack of ground mobility and jump height, their abilities are centered around their stealth dashes. Their 3 (2 in Arena and 1 in GX) special stealth-dashes enables them to dash through gunfire. However, these air dashes are still vulnerable to bombs and pods, so watch out.

Most commanders build sets that allow them to counter enemy gunfire whenever they use a Strike Vanisher. However, they are generally well rounded, so they fit in most sets.

When facing against Strike Vanisher robos, one might opt for a set that takes advantage over their slower ground speed. As such, Sky Freeze Pods are helpful in keeping them at bay. In addition, try using a rush-down set to counter them. However, as Strike Vanishers don't have any glaring weaknesses, be wary of their other parts. Using a rush-down set on a Strike Vanisher that has a Drill Gun is not the wisest decision. Be wary when facing against a Strike Vanisher.


Strike Vanishers are slightly shorter than Shining Fighters, but they have a similar build. They do not display any organic parts, being completely armored. As such, their design is often based on Europe's Knights and Japan's Ninjas and Samurai. In some titles, they are even reminiscent of mechas from the Gundam series.

Naming ThemeEdit

The Strike Vanishers are named after bladed weaponry, both real and mythical. The sole exception to this rule is Rakansen, which is named after a coin throwing technique.


  • Ever since their inclusion in Custom Robo V2, they have appeared in every entry.
  • There has always been an Illegal Strike Vanisher robo in every Custom Robo game since V2 (Bayonette in V2, Claymore in GX, Rakansen in Battle Revolution, and Katana in Arena).
  • Javelin is often seen as the mascot for Strike Vanishers due to him appearing in every game since V2 (except for GX, where Javelin Mk II takes his place).
    • In addition, he is the first Strike Vanisher robo to be obtained by the player in the series.