Straight Bomb T
Range Medium
Blast Type T
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment
Default Position
Illegal No
Description Flies quickly forward. Draws foe toward you. Use the chance to pound him.
Attack 3
Speed 6
Size 4
Time 5
Down 6
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round
Air Description

The Straight Bomb T works well with certain charge attacks. It draws your opponent towards you. It's a fast bomb designed for combos. It also works well with the Flare Gun for relatively easy sweet-spotting for a skilled Commander.


Use it with close-range weapons at a mid-range, such as firing the bomb and following up with a Shotgun blast. Interestingly enough, if you fire it beneath your feet you will become temporarily invulnerable, and you will fly towards your opponent in a low arc, making it an effective way to approach Metal Grapplers, etc. etc.


You cant defend with this bomb, unless you are confident that you can knock down your opponent.

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