Model Strike Vanisher
Style Speed
Size* Medium
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description To be added....
Attack 100%
Defense 5
Endurance 5
Speed 5
Aerial 4
Air Dash
Speed N/A
Length N/A
Type Stealth Dash
Quantity 3
Type Attack
Action Moderate range Sliding Kick
Speed N/A
Standard Damage 150
Effect To be added....
Ground Speed N/A
Jump Speed N/A
Jump Distance N/A
*currently measured in inches

Spear is a Strike Vanisher robo that appears in Custom Robo V2. It is a Speed Style robo and is primarily used by Tsurugi.

It is fused with Yaiba's Lance Strike Vanisher robo in order to make Bayonette.

How to obtainEdit


Spear is the most balanced of all Strike Vanishers in the game, boasting 5's across all stats except for his aerial stat (which is a 4). As such, he's able to be adapted into many sets. Treat him like a Shining Fighter that has a Stealth Dash.



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