Spam is known as the overuse of a single type of attack in such a manner that the opposing robo is overwhelmed and subsequently knocked down. It does not necessarily have to be an overpowered or high-powered attack, though often is. It comes in all forms: gun, bomb, pod, and even robo charges.

Spam is often looked down upon by veteran commanders, as it is a technique that does not require much skill and is almost mindless. However, in some circumstances, it can be a very effective and deadly technique.

Spam can be used to stop the other player from firing weapons, which can sometimes lead to a filibuster.

Popular TypesEdit

* Illegal
** Military





  • Ray 01
  • Rahu I* (Aside from animation aesthetics, it can be used in a similar matter like Ray 01's.)
  • Tricerion
  • Carat**
  • Javelin (It should be noted that with this robo, you do not gain invincibility frames while performing a charge.)
  • Bayonette* (Like Javelin's but has invincibility frames.)

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