Sonic Rifle
Sonic Rifle
Classification Legal
Attack 3
Speed 5
Homing 1
Reload 1
Down 3
Alpha Shot Fires a single fast shot.
Beta Shot Fires two fast shots. Movement is restricted while firing.

The Sonic Rifle is a Gun that appears in Custom Robo GX. It is based on the Sniper Gun from Custom Robo (Nintendo 64) and Custom Robo V2. It can be purchased from the Master Shop for 1,250SV total.

The Alpha Shot behaves similarly to the Sniper Gun from the other games. It fires out a single shot that moves out fast and deals decent damage. In addition, the Robo firing the shot is able to move while firing the shot. However, it lacks homing and takes a while to reload.

The Beta Shot is similar to the Alpha shot. However, two shots are fired instead of just one. While this might seem to be a completely superior shot type for this gun, there is a downside to this gun. The Robo using the Beta Shot of the Sonic Rifle has restricted movement while firing. As such, the user of the Beta Shot will have to commit to the attack.


  • Try using the Sonic Rifle when the opponent is open after they air dash or use their gun.
  • Use the Alpha Shot when you want to fire while moving or when you are unsure if the shot will hit.
  • Use the Beta Shot for more damage when you are sure that the shot will hit. If you miss with the Beta Shot, you WILL be left open.


  • Goad the opponent into firing the Sonic Rifle when you are sure that you can evade the shot.
  • Use air dashes to avoid the shot. The delay after the shot as well as the long reload time will leave the opponent open.
  • Using the Energy Protector to block the shot will give you a clean opening for your attack due to the fact that there is little delay after dropping the protection. Just be careful to not use up all of your barrier as the Sonic Rifle is decently powerful.


Custom Robo GX - Gun Parts - Sonic Rifle00:59

Custom Robo GX - Gun Parts - Sonic Rifle

Sonic Rifle in Action

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