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Solax is a member of the Super Novas in Custom Robo Arena. You can usually find him sleeping. Despite his lethargy, he is an excellent Commander, often placing farther than his fellow Commanders. His holosseum is water-themed and he uses a Leon robo.

You will meet him at the tournament at the Forester tournament finding him sleeping at a corner, When you win against Lunax and Terrax , he will come in and talk for a while.

You get to fight him when Lunax challenges you to a robo battle at Bayside in their school. When beaten, he is very shocked because he never lost before. When you talk to Lunax and Terrax afterwards, they say that he is alway sleeping and that he got a taste of his own medicine because he always wins without trying.

You wil also meet him at the festival. He is found sleeping again.

He is also present at the two Robo Cups along with the other Super Novas. He will help you along with Lunax and Terrax as you get closer to Dr. Mars' Lab.

He will be available to battle at his Grudge Match, To fight him, you have to have used at least 15 or 20 Pod parts.

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