Sol Mk II
Sol Mk II Render
Model Shining Fighter
Style Speed
Size* Medium
Classification Legal
Description To be added....
Attack 5
Defense 4
Endurance 5
Speed 6
Air Dash
Speed Fast
Length Medium
Type Air Dash

Sol Mk II is a Shining Fighter Robo in Custom Robo GX. It is a Speed Style robo and is primarily used by Hayao and Kanzaki (though the latter only uses him in legal tournaments).

It is an upgraded version of Sol from Custom Robo (Nintendo 64) and Custom Robo V2. In addition, an illegal version of it known as Darksome exists in Custom Robo GX.

How to obtainEdit


Sol Mk II is very well balanced. However, he has slightly higher speed than X-Ray, so he can move around quicker than him. That being said, he also has less defense than X-Ray. So, Sol Mk II would give you more freedom in movement in exchange for less armor (he is tied with Flare Mk II and Garapon for having the lowest defense in the game. So, don't get hit.

As for which parts to use, he is a Shining Fighter, so it should be pretty easy to customize him as he has no real strengths or weaknesses. However, because he has lower defense than his fellow Shining Fighters, he should focus on sets that leave him less in the open. Try using a long range set (maybe use the Sonic Rifle) or a set that focuses on striking through walls. The Gatling Cannon is also a good choice as you can fire while moving, providing pressure to the opponent while evading enemy fire.

Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Robo Sol Mk II
Gun Wide Vulcan
Bomb Gemini Bomb U
Subweapon Speed Pod P (GX)
Action Chip Tornado Beat
This is the set used by Kanzaki during Angelica's Party. This set specializes in attacking sideways, but also be careful of the Tornado Beat Action Chip. Use parts like the Gatling Cannon or the Shotgun to take him down.

Melvin (Emperor Cup)
Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Robo Sol Mk II
Gun Plasma Ball
Bomb Gemini Bomb U
Subweapon Feint Gunner
Action Chip Light Protector
This set is used by Melvin during the Emperor Cup. This set specializes in limiting your mobility. Either use a gun that is good at retreating like the Eagle Cutter or an overwhelming set that involves the Cross Scissors.



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