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Sniper Gun
Range Long
Round(s) 1
Standard Damage 137
Sweet spot point-blank
Illegal No
Description Fires one quick, straight round. While the round flies fast,
Attack 7
Speed 9
Homing 1
Reload 2
Down 7
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 137.00
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round 96.00
Air Description

The Sniper Gun is a gun that appears in every Custom Robo title (barring GX, where it is replaced with the Sonic Rifle). It fires out a single dense energy packet when used. It fires very quickly and is decently powerful, but doesn't have homing capabilities. In addition, it has a low Reload rate, so it WILL leave you open if you miss.


There are quite a few ways to use this gun.

  • One good strategy is to use it with a Lightning Sky robo of your choice. Since it has long distance capabilities, you can fly around the battlefield while firing this gun. This is a good way to avoid enemy fire, and the gun's high attack power should destroy your opponent in no time.
  • The Sniper Gun is also extremely effective when firing just as the opponent lands.
  • This weapon is effective against Lightning Sky models as well, since their continuous air dash is slow moving in Custom Robo Arena, 2 shots to down the opponent followed up by a charge/collision on some Robo models can take a good chunk of health off.
  • Important to note is that the Ground Shot has less starting lag but more ending lag while the Air Shot has more starting lag but less ending lag. Be sure to choose the correct type of shot when using this gun!


Air dash or jump right after the enemy picks off a shot. If you get hit, immediately jump away to prevent repeated Sniper hits. Always try to land behind walls; if you plan to play more haphazardly, equip Ground Legs so you barely touch the ground.