Smash Bomb
Range Short
Blast Type Standard
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment
Default Position Directly above yourself.
Illegal No
Description Explodes immediately overhead. Effective against aerial attacks, but not against ground attacks.
Attack 8
Speed 10
Size 8
Time 5
Down 6
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round
Air Description

The Smash Bomb explodes immediately above you. It is so fast that it does not possess a physical bomb. Counters aerial fighters who may or may not use the Acrobat parts. Also useful for blocking aerial escape as you close in with quick ground damage. Some weapons (such as the Knuckle Gun) may knock a foe into the air, also enabling effective use of this bomb.


Often used to counter aerial robos. It detonates immediately above you. Making use of this against ground bound foes is difficult, but not impossible. Use combos that launch your foe into the air, and finish them by detonating the bomb. Use pods (P, G and C type blasts are best) to launch your foe's robo slightly into the air. Then use a weapon like the Needle Gun or a robo's charge like Bit's to send them flying into the Smash bomb's range.


In general, stay out of the air. But be careful dodging in mid-air because usually the enemy will be waiting for you to land before attacking with his gun or charge. A technique, known by experienced commanders as smash hax, can hit grounded opponents. If the enemy is using a robo like a Little Sprinter, Little Raider, or Burning Beast, it is likely that they can hit you on the ground with this bomb. Stay at a distance and use long range guns and bombs.

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