Sky Freeze Pod
Range Short
Blast Type Other
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment 2
Illegal No
Description A stationary pod. Hangs in the unil target approaches. Scatter pods to immobilize foes.
Attack 1
Speed 3
Homing 4
Size 4
Time 6
Firing Detail
Ground Dmg/Round
Ground Description
Air Dmg/Round
Air Description

The Sky Freeze Pod deters aerial fighters by floating in mid-air. On contact, it will freeze the enemy for a moment.


  • Use this pod on foes that like to stay in the air, like Lightning Sky robos.
  • Depending on the foe, there are different places to place them.
  • If your opponent is using a Big Boy or Aerial Beauty, it's a good idea to place them in corners, or near walls, so they cannot land safely.
  • If the enemy is a Lightning Sky or Sassy Stunner, place them around the edges of the arena to prevent easy movement.
  • Close-range robos like Shining Fighters and Metal Grapplers can be countered by placing them in the center of the arena, to prevent jumping.


  • The explosions are rather small, and hardly damaging, but the stun effect can allow the foe to activate an easy combo. Keep a mental tally on the location and number of the pods deployed; if there's only one deployed, the enemy can easily use the other right under you for an easy hit.
  • You can also cover your landing with a pod or bomb.

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