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Shinonome Gun
Range Long
Round(s) 2 (Ground) / 1 (Air)
Standard Damage 100
Sweet spot N/A
Illegal Yes
Description To be added.
Attack 100 Damage
Speed Fast
Homing None
Reload Medium
Down High
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round CR1: 80

V2: 100

Ground Description Fires two lasers in an U-shape
Air Damage/Round CR1 and V2: 100
Air Description Fires one laser straight ahead

This part is illegal.

The Shinonome Gun is an Illegal Gun that appears in Custom Robo (Nintendo 64) and Custom Robo V2. It is an upgraded version of the V Laser Gun. Ironically, it appears before the V Laser Gun in the 1st game.

The main differences between the V Laser Gun and this gun (besides damage) are the following:

  • The Shinonome Gun fires in a U shape on the ground instead of a V.
  • The beams fired by the Shinonome Gun are MUCH wider than V Laser.

This gun is later replaced by the X Laser Gun as more games are made due to the lack of Shinonome's presence in the future titles.


This gun is very useful for stopping the opponent from moving left and right on the ground. The shots are also very quick. However, there is a huge deadzone in the center of the gun, so an opponent who stands still or moves parallel to the beams will not get hit at all. This is remedied by the air shot, which fires a large beam forwards. In addition, there is no homing for this weapon, so jumping over the beam is relatively easy. So, you really want to support this gun with pods and bombs that keep the opponent moving.


Abuse the large deadzone that this gun's ground shot has to no end. This gun also fares poorly in close range combat, so equip a Shotgun or a Stun Gun. Be wary of the air shot however, as it is wide and fast. Use cover if provided.

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