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Shinonome Bomb
Range Variable
Blast Type H (Horizon)
Standard Damage 83-84
Maximum Deployment Fast
Default Position On Opponent
Illegal Yes
Description To be added
Attack 83-84 Damage
Speed Fast
Size Medium
Time Immediate
Down Medium
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 83-84
Ground Description Fires in a low arc.
Air Damage/Round 83-84
Air Description Fires in a direct manner.

This part is illegal.

The Shinonome Bomb is an Illegal Bomb that appears in Custom Robo (Nintendo 64) and Custom Robo V2. It is an upgraded Standard Bomb that deals more damage, is quicker, and explodes in an H-Type Explosion.

This bomb is basically replaced by the Wyvern Bomb in Custom Robo (GameCube), although the blast type was changed from an H type to an X type.


Use it like a Standard bomb. It's very versatile weapon that can be used in pretty much any situation. Block the opponent's path with it or use it while the opponent is downed for bonus damage.


Simply put, don't run into it. It functions exactly like a quicker Standard Bomb.

How to Obtain

  • Custom Robo (N64): Beat Story Mode
  • Custom Robo V2: Beat Dread Army Base

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