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Sergei (Normal)
Occupation High Member of Z Syndicate
Police Squad
Robo Of Choice Ruhiel
Commander License S Class
Resides Dome City and Outer World
Game Custom Robo Battle Revolution

Sergei is the older brother of Marcia in Custom Robo (GameCube). Prior to a "A New Journey" he abandons the Police Squad and becomes a member of the Z Syndicate .

Sergei commands the illegal Lightning Sky, Ruhiel.


After his parents' death, Sergei was left alone to care for his younger sister. During this time he joined to police squad and became a team with Captain Mira and Lieutenant Roy. It is revealed by Linda that Mira was leader while Roy and Sergei became a formidable tag-team known as Northern Wolf and Southern Tiger. Eventually the trio became highly revered and were permitted to take the Class S license test. After passing they were taken to the outside world and learned of the threat of Rahu. This sparked an interest in Sergei to explore the Outside World on his own. While traveling the wasteland he met a strange man who questioned his motives for being here. They began a discussion of life in the Dome and the Outside World. Being asked by the man if wished to protect the world and the ones he loves, Sergei replied yes. The man noted that as long as Sergei remained in his world, he would never see the truth which lies in darkness. Later the man offered his assistance to the young law enforcer, should he ever find something unexplainable, an inconsistency in the "perfectly ordered world where all things are controlled". After departing from the man Sergei returned to the Dome, promising not to reveal his location.

Sergei returned home pondering the stranger's words. It was later he discovered that his sister had been taken to the Custom Robo Lab to learn more about her special ability. Regarding the treatment she endured as torture, Sergei reflected on how Marcia's equality had been robbed of her. It was in this that he came to understand that the "inconsistency" was her ability. After the realization he departed to the Outside World once again, this time to meet the man. Explaining the situation to him The man insisted that "in order to understand you must know everything". The man then proceeded to tell Sergei the truth about the outside world. After learning the past of humanity the man informed Sergei of his intentions to spread the truth to the people of the dome. However after realizing that the people might be thrown into a panic, the man came to the solution that the better option would be to stop Rahu without the public knowing. For this the man offered the idea to create a team of commanders capable of the task. Giving the offer to Sergei he spoke of how he needed him to support his orders no matter how insane they might seem. After accepting Sergei and left the Dome, hoping to prevent the rise of Rahu. Sergei also wished that in his absence Marcia would grow stronger and learn to think for herself.

While Z's leader grows ill Sergei is secretly told the information concerning the Memory Erasure Device. After his passing, Oboro, Eliza, and Isabella all make a grab for power, now intending to use Rahu's power for their own selfish desires. Sergei aligns himself with Oboro yet is still secretly intent on fulfilling Z's wishes.

Battle Encounters

First Battle

Bogey's Cafe
Stage L Formation
Robo Ruhiel
Gun Raptor Gun
Bomb Standard Bomb
Pod Spider Pod G
Legs Booster Legs

Second Battle

Daimon Chinese Restaurant
Stage Castle Keep
Robo Ruhiel
Gun Raptor Gun
Bomb Wyvern Bomb
Pod Wolf Spider Pod
Legs Raven Legs

Third Battle

Police Squad 2on2 Battle
Stage High-Rise Plaza
Robo Ruhiel
Gun Ion Gun
Bomb Right Wave Bomb
Pod Spider Pod
Legs Booster Legs

Fourth Battle

Police Squad 2on2 Battle
Stage L Formation
Robo Ruhiel
Gun Eagle Gun
Bomb Standard Bomb X
Pod Speed Pod D
Legs Wide Jump Legs

Fifth Battle

Playing With Oboro
Stage L Formation
Robo Ruhiel
Gun Sniper Gun
Bomb Wave Bomb
Pod Orca Pod
Legs Wide Jump Legs

Sixth Battle

Gold Single Battle
Stage Castle Citadel
Robo Ruhiel
Gun Eagle Gun
Bomb Left Flank Bomb H
Pod Beast Pod F
Legs Wide Jump Legs



  • Sergei is seen without his mask on is in the image shown after clearing the Grand Battles.
    • When examining his textures, a scar over his eye is very apparent. However, it's clearly removed in the "Thanks for Playing" screen. As Sergei's mask is never removed during gameplay, it was likely just an unused detail that existed on his textures.

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