Seal Head (BR) / Seal Kid (Arena)
ME0000411674 2
Model Funky Big Head (BR)
Big Boy (Arena)
Style Normal (BR)
Speed (Arena)
Size* 7 x 5 x 4
Cube size Large
Classification Legal
Description Able to air-dash twice. Highly maneuverable in air. Can move far with a single jump.
Attack BR: 100%
Arena: 100%
Defense BR: 4.5
Arena: 8
Endurance BR: 3.5
Arena: 7
Speed BR: 1.5
Arena: 3
Aerial BR: 4.5
Arena: 8
Air Dash
Speed 150 hm/s
Length 67.5 in
Type Air Jump
Quantity 2
Type Attack
Action Driving corkscrew parallel to ground.
Speed 213 hm/s
Standard Damage BR: 130 (stat is 3.0)
Arena: 155
Effect Opponent sent up.
Ground Speed 83 hm/s
Jump Speed 245 hm/s
Jump Distance 82.5 in
*currently measured in inches

Seal Kid (named Seal Head in earlier titles) is a robo that appears in Custom Robo (GameCube) and Custom Robo Arena. In Battle Revolution (the GameCube game), it was a Normal Style Funky Big Head robo that was primarily used by Will and several NPC characters. In Arena, it was a Speed Style Big Boy robo that was used by Mr. Masher and several NPC characters.

How to obtainEdit


Use High Jump Legs for exceptional aerial maneuverability including jump distance and height, or use Plus One Legs for better approachability near the ground. Also, take good advantage of Seal Kid's ground-based charge to completely demolish ground-based opponents.

Ground Slicer
Creator: Limxzero
Robo Seal Kid
Gun Needle Gun
Bomb Crescent Bomb C
Pod Wave Pod
Legs High Jump Legs
Use the air shot on the Crescent Bomb and the Needle Gun to keep the opponent moving, and fire the Wave Pod to hem them in.

Evasive Glider
Creator: Darkastral
Robo Seal Kid
Gun Glider Gun
Bomb Burrow Bomb D
Pod Trio Pod H
Legs High Jump Legs
Fire the Gliders at long-range and use the Burrow Bombs for both defense and attack. Occasionally, let loose a stream of Trio Pods to further trap them.

Creator: YiffyYiff
Robo Seal Kid
Gun Right/Left Arc Gun
Bomb Geo Trap Bomb
Pod Double Wave Pod
Legs High Jump Legs
Fire the bomb to the opposite direction of the gun's air shot so that he can only jump forward. The Double Wave keeps sideways movement to a minimum. Do not be clumsy with your gun shots.

Bubble Death
Creator: Limxzero
Robo Seal Kid
Gun Bubble Gun
Bomb Crescent Bomb C
Pod Umbrella Pod
Legs High Jump Legs
Mid-range set. Keep the enemy on the move with the bomb and pod while repeatedly firing the Bubble Gun from the air. When enemy is downed, follow up with a bomb-pod combo.