Satellite Pod H
Range Short
Blast Type H
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment 3
Illegal No
Description A stationary pod. Hangs in the air until target approaches. Good against airborne enemies.
Attack 4
Speed 5
Homing 5
Size 5
Time 5
Firing Detail
Ground Dmg/Round
Ground Description
Air Dmg/Round
Air Description

The Satellite Pod H works very well against ground and air opponents, is very similar to the Satellite Pod, but it blows enemies to the side instead.


Spread the pods, plan your points, and don't launch all of them immediately! If you want to pin your opponent to a limited area, place the pods around your foe in a triangle shape(one pod at each point). The tactics for attacking will vary based on your robo type. If your using a Little Raider or Little Sprinter you can lay the pods as if a mine field by forcing your opponent into on of the four corners of the Holloseum then placing all three pods around them. You can also make a wall. If your using a Lightning Sky you can dash and leave behind a pod to prevent your opponent from giving direct chase.


If your opponent lays down their pods immediately and in really close proximity of each other simply run through them as each pod will aim directly for your last position. If your opponent is smarter and places pods around you in a triangle shape either try to run or evade the blasts of the pods or keep your opponent at bay by firing your gun. If they are to far for your gun use your bomb and pods.

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