Robopedia Staff are users who are given certain capabilities which give them more responsibility toward the administration and maintenance of the wiki. Below is a list of staff based on responsibility and right.

Bounty HuntersEdit

Bounty hunters (or administrators) have Sysop rights. While they don't own the wiki they are entrusted with certain features to help ensure the smooth running of the wiki. For more information on Bounty hunters read more on Robopedia:Bounty Hunters.

Airs Ray
Limxzero Prog

Bureaucrats have all the rights of a Sysop, but are also able to grant Sysop rights to a user.

!Harry (inactive)
Murzon (inactive)
Halberdier (inactive)
BossErnest (inactive)
Limxzero (active)

Rollback rights simply allow rollback capability on edits.

Progmansp (inactive)

Moderators are users who have been granted additional rights by Bounty Hunters that are Bureaucrats. While they are equal to other users in terms of editorial responsibility, they are especially trusted to keep articles safe from vandalism and bad-faith edits. These abilities are the ability to move a number of articles without being halted by spam restrictions, the ability to move files, and the ability to suppress redirects.

There are no moderators on this wiki.

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