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A Robo Cannon is a cannon that appears at the start of nearly every custom robo battle in the center of the holosseum. It rotates and fires Robo Cubes onto the Holosseum.

Custom Robo (N64), Custom Robo V2, and Custom Robo ArenaEdit

The Robo Cannon fires off 2 Robo Cubes. If one holds down the A button before firing, their Robo Cube spins faster, adding some topspin to the cube when fired.

In Custom Robo (Nintendo 64) and Custom Robo V2, the Robo Cannon has alternate designs depending on the opponent fought in Scenario Mode. However, their design is always the default design in Versus mode.

Custom Robo GXEdit

In Custom Robo GX, the Robo Cannon can only change the angle of the shot due to the 3D nature of the game. In addition, the Robo Cubes that are shot bounce off the walls until their momentum is gone.

Custom Robo Battle RevolutionEdit

In Custom Robo (GameCube), the Robo Cannon can fire off up to 4 Robo Cubes. In addition, the Robo Cubes bounce much less than in the other games. Lastly, top spin cannot be applied to the cubes.


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