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Ray Warrior
Ray Warrior
Model Shining Fighter
Style Power
Cube size {{{cubesize}}}
Description A Shining Fighter model with upgraded offense and defense.
Attack 5.0
Defense 4.5
Endurance 4.5
Speed 2.5
Aerial 2.5
Air Dash
Type Air Dash
Type Attack
Action Stops in place then charges toward its opponent.
Standard Damage 171
Effect Opponent sent straight across battlefield
Ground Speed
Jump Speed
Jump Distance
*currently measured in inches

This part is illegal.

Ray Warrior is an "upgraded" variation of the famous Ray 01, with extremely high offensive and defensive stats. In Custom Robo (GameCube), it is obtained by beating all the trophy tournaments with gold trophies.


Although it is a Shining Fighter model, there's not a real strategy for using it like one, but because of its high attack and defense, it can be used as a Metal Grappler (the head-on strategy). Best used with fast-shooting, long-range or short-range guns, bombs, and pods.


Creator: ThunderRay
Robo Ray Warrior
Gun Sniper Gun
Bomb Geo Trap Bomb
Pod Speed Pod P
Legs High Jump Legs
Jump, and when you reach the highest point, launch a pod and fire the gun. Or fire the gun, then do an air-dash to dogde the counter-attack and shoot again. Use the bomb to trap your oppenent.

Creator: ThunderRay
Robo Ray Warrior
Gun Crystal Strike Gun
Bomb Treble Bomb
Pod Cheetah Pod
Legs Ultimate Legs
Basically, just fire the gun continuously. You can put pressure on your oppenent by launching the bomb and the pod.

Shining Knight
Creator: Apollo14
Robo Ray Warrior or any of the Shining Fighters
Gun Blade gun/Blade Storm
Bomb Wall Bomb
Pod Wave Pod
Legs Best Available
Use the gun for head on attacks, and the pod if they try to flee. If they get to close, use a charge or the bomb to knock them away (much like smacking one with a shield).

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