Ray Mk II

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Ray Mk II
Ray Mk II Custom Robo Arena
Model Shining Fighter
Style Other
Size* 8 x 3 x 2
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description One of the Ray models. While it has no special features, it's the best balanced Ray model.
Attack 102% (100% in V2)
Defense 6 (5 in V2)
Endurance 5
Speed 6 (5 in V2)
Aerial 5 (6 in V2)
Air Dash
Speed 384 hm/s
Length 52.5 in
Type Air Dash
Quantity 2
Type Attack
Action Fast sliding kick.
Speed 348 hm/s
Standard Damage 161
Effect Opponent hit straight away.
Ground Speed 130 hm/s
Jump Speed 179 hm/s
Jump Distance 45.0 in
*currently measured in inches

Ray Mk II is a Shining Fighter robo that has appeared in Custom Robo V2 and Custom Robo Arena. It is a Jumper Style robo in V2 and an Other Style robo in Arena. Like its name suggests, it's a member of the Ray Series and is primarily used by the Hero in V2 and the Hero in Arena. In Arena, it is eventually replaced with Ray Mk III.


Use his powerful charge to inflict massive damage, and also to escape from combos easily.

The airdashes are useful when coupled with Ground Legs to dash in and quickly use a charge.


Creator: Basics
Robo Ray Mk II
Gun Basic Gun
Bomb Standard Bomb
Pod Standard Pod
Legs Ground Legs

Lava Driver
Creator: King Fgs of Fds
Robo Ray Mk II
Gun Sniper Gun
Bomb Straight Bomb S
Pod Speed Pod P
Legs Ground Legs
This set is mainly oriented towards driving opponents into lava. Maps where there are large pools of lava such as Dead Line are best fit for this set-up. Stun the target with a bomb and then repeatedly deploy the pods in the target's direction. Finally, fire the Sniper Gun when they're at the top of their ascension from the P-blasts. If done correctly, the enemy will be blasted back a ways back and into the lava, racking up large amounts of damage on them.

Notable UsersEdit


  • Hero (V2)
  • Hero (Arena) (Temporarily)



How to ObtainEdit

  • Custom Robo V2: Start of a New Journey
  • Custom Robo Arena: Start of Single Player Mode. After it is taken away by your Dad, you can talk to him again after defeating Eddy to obtain it for a second time.


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