Ray 01
Model Shining Fighter
Style Normal (BR)
Other (Arena)
Size* 8 x 3 x 2
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description One of the Ray models. While it has power and sturdy armor, its mobility is diminished.
Attack BR: 100%
Arena: 105%
Defense BR: 3.0
Arena: 6
Endurance BR: 2.5
Arena: 6
Speed BR: 2.5
Arena: 4
Aerial BR: 2.5
Arena: 4
Air Dash
Speed 384 hm/s
Length 52.5 in
Type Air Dash
Quantity 2
Type Attack
Action Battle Revolution: Charges straight toward its opponent.
Arena: Extremely fast forward charge that covers good distance.
Speed 384 hm/s
Standard Damage BR: 140 (stat is 3.5)
Arena: 155
Effect BR: Opponent is sent flying up and behind Ray 01.
Arena: Opponent collapses onto ground.
Ground Speed 121 hm/s
Jump Speed 169 hm/s
Jump Distance 45.0 in
*currently measured in inches

Ray 01 is a Shining Fighter robo and a member of the Ray Series. It is the mascot of Custom Robo Battle Revolution and also appears in Custom Robo Arena. It is a Normal Style robo in Battle Revolution and an Other Style robo in Arena. It is primarily used by the Hero in Battle Revolution.

How to obtainEdit

  • Custom Robo Battle Revolution: Obtained while apprehending the criminals at the Research Lab.
  • Custom Robo Arena:
    • Japan: Go to the DS Download Station from December 28th, 2006 to late January, 2007 and download the patch. From there, visit your Dad's laboratory and talk to the new scientist. He is a big fan of yours and will give you Ray 01 for your Autograph.
    • Everywhere Else: Purchase from the Underground Parts Shop.


Use the Ray 01 at mid-range with a mid-range gun. Once the opponent goes down, fire a bomb or run him over with your fast charge attack. Or try using a long-range such as the Sniper Gun or Dragon Gun, and use your charge attack. Also, the speed handicap may be destroyed if using Formula Legs.

Strike Force
Creator: Limxzero
Robo Ray 01
Gun Needle Gun
Bomb Gemini Bomb B
Pod Satellite Pod
Legs Ground Legs
Spread your Satellites out and fire the Gemini to block off routes while the enemy is near walls or obstacles. Let loose with the Needle Gun and run him over with a charge or two.

Dragon's Wave
Creator: ThunderRay
Robo Ray 01
Gun Dragon Gun
Bomb Gemini Bomb P
Pod Wave Pod
Legs Long Thrust Legs
Launch the bomb, then the pod, immediately fire the gun, and complete with a dash attack. This combo can do more than 200 damage. Use the legs to escape or to approach your opponent from the air and fire the gun.

Dragonic Reverse
Creator: Ibster34
Robo Ray 01
Gun Dragon Gun
Bomb Geo Trap Bomb
Pod Diving Pod
Legs Formula Legs
This is a good set for advanced players; use the pods and bombs to force your opponent to move into the open, then hit him with the Dragon Gun and Ray 01's charge. Good vs. Rahu III.

The Dragon Effect
Creator: Abet117
Robo Ray 01
Gun Dragon Gun
Bomb Standard Bomb X
Pod Seeker Pod F
Legs Long Thrust Legs
This is a good set if you want to deal a lot of damage quickly. From Medium rage shoot your opponent with the Dragon gun until he is knocked down. Then, quickly run up to him and do your collision. Immediately after your collision, you opponent should be in the air. This is when you shoot with your Dragon gun once more or use a bomb. If your opponent does not allow you to get near, you should attack at long range with the Dragon gun and then use a bomb while they are downed.

Intense Ray 01
Creator: TimeSpace1234
Robo Ray 01
Gun Rising Gun
Bomb Direct Bomb
Pod Beast Pod
Legs Plus One Legs
This combination is something I just like to use in battle.

Drill Ray 01
Creator: EpicPwner
Robo Ray 01
Gun Drill Gun
Bomb Submarine Bomb K
Pod Titan Pod
Legs Formula Legs
Use the Drill Gun to bring the enemy closer and use either the Submarine Bomb K or Titan Pod, as they are slow and wont reach at a long distance. If the enemy has a powerful gun, use the Formula Legs to strafe the enemy.

Creator: Killic33
Robo Ray 01
Gun Needle Gun
Bomb Standard Bomb K
Pod Seeker Pod G
Legs Formula Legs
At close ranges, the Needle Gun can down most robos, and gives you time to score in a charge or two. Standard K sends the opponent down on-contact, giving you the opportunity to get some distance or score a few hits, just be sure to run away when they get up. Seekers can get a hiding opponent some motivation to move out of cover, despite their lack of speed. The Formula and the charge can make a great combination, just don't overdo it.

Continuous Combo
Creator: straw100
Robo Ray 01
Gun Blade Gun
Bomb Straight Bomb T
Pod Speed Pod D
Legs Formula Legs
Down your opponent, then fire the bomb and pod. Then, fire the gun 3 to 4 times and follow it up with a Charge to finish the Combo.

Creator: Toa Ray-01
Robo Ray 01
Gun Blade Gun
Bomb Freeze Bomb
Pod Speed Pod D
Legs Formula Legs
Use increased speed to avoid opponents, gun for short/long range attacks, bombs to freeze your opponents or draw them out of cover, and try to get in a few charges.

Ray 01 Camper
Creator: Plopheous Runespawn
Robo Ray 01
Gun Homing Star Gun
Bomb Winder Bomb
Pod Satellite Pod
Legs High Jump Legs
Ray 01 has a great defensive advantage over most of the Shining Fighters in Arena with a disadvantage of speed and aerial. High jump legs can give you a boost in this area, allowing you to jump across almost every map that's about the size of the basic stage in half a second. Use this tactic and set up satellite pods in a side/corner of the map. Most of the time, the opponent is going to be chasing you down. This is where the fun begins. Use your winder bombs parallel of your pods when your opponent is near them. More than likely they'll take damage from all 6 explosions. You can now either charge in or use your Homing Star gun either vertically or horizontally (your choice). This combo gets to around 250-300+ damage depending on your opponent. Switch to the other satellite pods if necessary.



  • At the beginning of Custom Robo Battle Revolution, Linda refers to Ray 01 as a "Top Secret Robo". Despite this it still shares similar stats to the other Shining fighters within the game Glory and Splendor. This may indicate it was unfinished.
    • A similar robo known as Ray Warrior is obtainable at the very end of Custom Robo Battle Revolution. It is possible that Ray Warrior is a modified illegal version after Ray 01's plans were leaked, but currently this is just speculation.
  • Like the other Ray models, Ray 01 is named after the Light Phenomenon of the same name.
    • The 01 could be due to the fact that his debut game was the 1st one overseas (albeit only in America).
    • The 01 could also be related to it being a "Top Secret Robo", indicating that it's the first version of a new Ray model (which could explain why Ray Warrior looks similar to Ray 01).
  • Ray 01 appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a Sticker.
  • In Battle Revolution, Ray 01 has the stats of V2 Ray and the charge of V2 Ray Mk II.
    • In Arena, he trades some ground and aerial mobility for a buff in Attack Power and Endurance. In addition, he borrows V2 Ray II Dark's Charge.
  • The parts combination for his FMV (as well as earlier renders like in the infobox) appears to be the following.
    • Body: Ray 01 (his "kneecaps" are more white than the current model).
    • Gun: Rayfall Gun (the artwork depicts it with a deeper shade of blue), which acts like a Gatling Gun. Later swapped for a Trap Gun (which arguably behaves like a Sniper Gun) when Rayfall Gun is destroyed.
    • Bomb: Freeze Bomb (the artwork depicts it as a darker blue). Arguably acts like a Wall Bomb.
    • Pod: Reflection Pod. Deploys only 2 in the FMV though.
    • Legs: Formula Legs (the art depicts it as being a deeper blue).
  • The parts combination for his current renders is most similar to the following:
  • Several robos that resemble Ray 01 and Ray Warrior are displayed at the Research Lab.