Prediction is an important skill to learn if you wish to become a better commander. Prediction is used in every day life and is a vital part in battle.

Prediction comes in two types in this game:

  • Before the battle: Adjust your part configuration after checking the Holosseum. Certain parts work better on certain arenas. If you have fought your opponent before, try to remember how they fought before. Adjust your configuration to be able to counter your opponent's strategy. However, make sure it's a set you're comfortable with. Counter sets can backfire if you don't know how to play them well. Plus, your opponent will adjust their set to fit the occasion (i.e. stadium, play style, counter sets, etc.).
  • In battle: Compare your opponent's fighting style to yours. The parts they use will likely influence how they will fight (for example, if they have a short range gun, fight from afar). Also, two opponents who have the same part set can (and most likely will) have different fighting styles, so it's very important to pay attention to your opponent's actions while being wary of your surroundings.

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