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Model Little Raider
Style Power
Size* 4 x 2 x 1
Cube size Small
Classification Legal
Description Can air-dash 3 times. Fastest robo on the ground. Reduces offensive power of parts equipped.
Attack 100%
Defense 2
Endurance 1
Speed 9
Aerial 3
Air Dash
Speed 166 hm/s
Length 52.5 in
Type Air Dash
Quantity 3
Type Evasion
Action Stops and performs a "shiver."
Speed 0 hm/s
Standard Damage 71
Effect Opponent hit diagonally away.
Ground Speed 161 hm/s
Jump Speed 179 hm/s
Jump Distance 45.0 in
*currently measured in inches

Pipit is one of the Little Raider robos in Custom Robo Arena. It is a Power Style robo that is primarily used by Winchell.

How to obtainEdit


The main reasons to use Pipit over other Little Raiders are its higher attack power and its unique charge. As it is the Power style, the offensive power drop from which Little Raiders suffer is neutralized.

Being a Little Raider, Pipit has excellent top speed and a small hitbox at the price of having terrible defenses, bad acceleration and turning ability, as well as being knocked down instantly by any attack. Anyways, this makes harder for the opponent to make combos. Its aerial mobility is comparatively poor; while it has three ascending air-dashes, it is nearly incapable of changing directions in midair and its air speed is only marginally faster than its ground speed. Additionally, Pipit's collision does not move at all and does low damage, making it useless for attacking directly. However, it has very little windup before becoming invincible, making it useful for defending against the opponent's attacks and counterattacking.

Creator: czqx
Robo Pipit
Gun Shotgun
Bomb Smash Bomb
Pod Wave Pod
Legs Short Thrust Legs
Attack with the Wave pod while closing in. At close range, fire the bomb to stop jumping, then fire the gun and pod.

Creator: Sylar
Robo Pipit
Gun Right Five Way Gun
Bomb Smash Bomb
Pod Feint Pod G
Legs Stabilizer Legs
Use the pods to block exits, then close in. Fire the bomb to block aerial escape and hit grounded opponents (depends on height) then use the charge attack to knock them into the bomb. Finish with the gun.

Creator: ADAM[IRISH]
Robo Pipit
Gun Sniper
Bomb Winder
Pod Sattelite
Legs ARS-L13
Short jump and fire the gun and when you land.Use winder bomb on downed foe or at close range use all sattalite pods.Then run!

Creator: LukeTheGrayt
Robo Pipit
Gun Stun
Bomb Freeze
Pod Air/Ground Freeze
Legs Formula
This set allows you to run up to your opponent,spam the stun gun, and at the last second use your collision to knock them away before they rebirth. Knocking them into pods can be efficient, too.


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