Peregrine Render
Model Little Raider
Style Speed
Size* Small
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description Extremely agile while on the ground. Poor defense allows foes to knock it down easily. Can jump up to three times.
Attack 95%
Defense 0.5
Endurance 0.5
Speed 5.0
Aerial 2.5
Air Dash
Speed N/A
Length N/A
Type Air Jump
Quantity 3
Type Attack
Action Charges straight towards its opponent.
Speed N/A
Standard Damage 125 (stat is 2.5)
Effect Opponent is sent upwards.
Ground Speed N/A
Jump Speed N/A
Jump Distance N/A
*currently measured in inches

Peregrine is a Little Raider model that only appears in Custom Robo (GameCube). It is a Speed Style robo that is primarily used by Lloyd, Bogey's waiter. However, several other NPC characters use him as well.

How to obtainEdit


Like the other Little Raiders, this robo is very effective with a gun with short range but a fast rate of fire. The most basic strategy is to rush towards your opponent from the ground and hit them hard. However, do not rush straight at them; rather, zigzag to avoid gunfire or circle around them. With this model, it is not recommended to attack from the air, because they have a slow rate of descent, and thus will be extremely vulnerable to enemy gunfire; that is not ideal because even the weakest of guns will down this robo.

Little Blader
Creator: TipDik
Robo Peregrine
Gun Blade Gun
Bomb Gemini Bomb P
Pod Spider Pod G
Legs Stabilizer Legs
Blade isn't a strong gun, but it has the least end lag of any gun in the game. The premise here is to use the extra acceleration from Stabilizer legs along with the move speed of Peregrine to stay extremely safe while slowly chipping away at the opponent. This bot can often take the match to time, and his low damage output can make it hard to mount a significant comeback. Because of this, the pressure is on to consistently win neutral. Fortunately, that shouldn't be terribly hard with this build. Keep in mind a close range blade can combo into Peregrine's Collision attack.



  • Peregrine's name is derived from the Peregrine Falcon. The Peregrine Falcon is currently the world's fastest species of birds, capable of reaching speeds of over 320 km/h (200 mph).
    • Seeing as the Peregrine is the fastest robo in the game, this name fits well.
  • Peregrine is most similar to Pico from the classic games as both are Speed Style robos and use the same Charge attack.
    • While Pico has better Attack, Peregrine has better general mobility.
  • Despite its Charge Attack stat being listed as 2.5, its charge deals 125 damage. This indicates that its "true" stat is 2.75, not 2.5.
  • Like all Little Raider robos in BR, Peregrine takes an extra 5% damage when hit with attacks.
  • Peregrine's render has the following parts: