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Oil Can
Model Shining Fighter
Style Wimp Robo
Size* Medium
Cube size {{{cubesize}}}
Description A Shining Fighter model with lower defense. Weakest of the robos.
Attack 4.0
Defense 1.5
Endurance 0.5
Speed 2.5
Aerial 2.5
Air Dash
Speed Standard
Length Standard
Type Air Dash
Quantity Short
Type ???
Action Flails toward its opponent.
Speed Somewhat slow
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Effect {{{chargeeffect}}}
Ground Speed {{{groundspeed}}}
Jump Speed {{{jumpspeed}}}
Jump Distance {{{jumpdist}}}
*currently measured in inches

This part is illegal.

Oil Can, also known as simply Can, is a Shining Fighter model. Being the weakest robo in Custom Robo (GameCube), it is one of the Wimp Robos. It is a robo that you can receive from a Training Gym robot inside Lucy's apartment, which is accessible after you beat all the Grand Battle tournaments inside the dome world in Custom Robo GC. Most commanders, of course, would not recommend using it at all. All of its stats are lower than Ray 01's. The only real reason to use this robo is to challenge yourself. It is actually the worst robo in the game and is normally used as a handicap. Stat-wise it is no different from the Chick from Custom Robo Arena, except that the Chick has Continuous Jumps instead of Air Dashes.

Oil Can, the Can Gun, Can Bomb, Can Pod, and Can Legs are received from the robot, and are all basically subpar versions of Ray 01, the Basic Gun, Standard Bomb, Standard Pod, and Standard Legs (all respectively). They should be avoided--unless you want to prove to a real opponent that you can beat them with such horrible parts. In other words, they are the weakest parts in the game.


Powerful guns such as the Afterburner Gun or the Dragon Gun works best for this robo; it's just hard to counterbalance the Oil Can's weakness to being knocked down by anything. Because it has such low defense, always being mobile and hiding behind things can be your best friend.


Default Oil Can
Robo Oil Can
Gun Can Gun
Bomb Can Bomb
Pod Can Pod
Legs Can Legs
Use this to teach the basics of Custom Robo.

Creator: Sandwich Disciple
Robo Oil Can
Gun Afterburner Gun
Bomb Wall Bomb
Pod Speed Pod P
Legs Formula Legs
Even though the Can is slow, the Formula Legs make a huge difference in speed. The Afterburner Gun is high-powered and easy to hit the opponent with. The pods are to strike your opponent quickly. However if you're going up against a Lightning Sky model, try an alternative gun. The Dragon Gun sometimes "works."

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