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Oboro Render
Occupation High Member of Z Syndicate (Formerly)
Manager of Z Syndicate Tournaments (after Memory Wipe)
Robo Of Choice Rakansen
Commander License N/A
Resides Outer World / Z Syndicate Base
Game Custom Robo (GameCube)

"Gaa ha ha ha ha. The world is mine!"

Oboro is the leader of one of the rival factions in the Z-Syndicate.


After learning of the the truth of the Outside World, Hero's Father had grown suspicious. Realizing that the threat of Rahu could arise again he suspected that the best possible scenario would be to defeat it without the public gaining awareness. For this matter he sought out commanders he saw as elite in the effort of stopping the Autonomous Robo. Along the way he recruited Oboro and the Z Syndicate was formed. However after realizing the power that Rahu contained Oboro became filled with an insatiable need to harness it. Now wishing to rather control rather than stop it he secretly begins to work toward obtaining Rahu for himself. After Z's Boss died, control of the Z Syndicate was split between him and Eliza. Sergei worked with him (though actually still loyal to his leaders true intentions) and together they began to develop ways to track Rahu's movements and behavior. It is here that "A New Journey" begins.



  • Oboro bears a similar facial resemblance to Jiraiya from the Naruto.
  • Oboro seems to have a shinobi-like motif.
    • His henchmen have garb similar to ninjas.
    • He uses smoke bombs to escape.
    • His robo Rakansen is somewhat designed after a ninja. Even it's behavior as a Strike Vanisher model is very similar to the lore surrounding them.

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