Needle Gun
Range Medium
Round(s) 3
Standard Damage 72
Sweet spot {{{sweetspot}}}
Illegal No
Description Fires 3 vertical lasers. Knocks foe upward upon impact. Now finish him!
Attack 3
Speed 7
Homing 1
Reload 8
Down 5
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 24.00
Ground Description Rounds spread more vertically.
Air Damage/Round 24.30
Air Description Rounds spread less vertically.

The Needle Gun knocks your opponents upward when it hits them. It basically fires 3 vertical lasers--making it effective against enemies who like to jump.


  • Note that the rounds create a virtual wall. This allows you to force ground opponents to one side and ambush them with your bombs and pods. Aerial opponents should be taken when they are vulnerable (when they land), or directly by staying underneath them.
  • Needle is quite possibly the best legal gun. It can counter Gravity, Egg Dropping, and the infamous Metal Grappler-Meteor Fall. It's an easy gun to use, but incredibly hard to master. This is because of three things: the slide shot, the air shot and the ground shot. If you don't know when to use each shot, you're going to end up losing to a more experienced player.
  • Due to the rounds' ability to knock your foe upward and the lack of knockback from the rounds, your opponent will actually be drawn toward the area from which the gun was fired. Use this to your advantage by drawing foes into placed bombs and slow moving pods by firing the gun over the bomb/pod and into your foe.
  • An effective counter to the Meteor Storm Gun.
  • Good versus tall robos as the lasers are aligned vertically.
  • Do not fire at point blank range; the damage is minimal.


Try to jump perpendicularly to the rounds, rather than parallel.