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Model Lightning Sky
Style Power
Size* 9 x 8 x 2
Cube size Large
Classification Legal
Description Can air-dash once as it changes directions. Able to fire gun while air-dashing.
Attack 105%
Defense 5
Endurance 4
Speed 4
Aerial 7
Air Dash
Speed 160 hm/s
Length 120.0 in
Type Sky Dash
Quantity 1
Type Movement
Action Jumps straight up.
Speed 377 hm/s
Standard Damage 131
Effect Opponent shot high and away.
Ground Speed 103 hm/d
Jump Speed 275 hm/s
Jump Distance 45.0 in
*currently measured in inches

Mistral is an orange-colored Lightning Sky robo that only appears in Custom Robo Arena. It is a Power Style robo that is used by Eddy, a Champion of the Great Robo Cup and Liv's older bother.

How to obtainEdit


As a Lightning Sky model, Mistral is capable of doing severe damage from the sky. What makes him unique is his charge. Mistral's charge will send him straight upward for a quick escape from enemy fire. Use this to your advantage when you can't escape from certain attacks. One more thing about Mistral's charge is being able to counter-attack other robos' charges. This works best against robos such as Luna, Apollo, or Bit. Press the charge button right when your opponent hits you. If done right, you should not take damage and hit your opponent instead.

Sun Raptor
Creator: X Gunner
Robo Mistral
Gun Right/Left 5-Way Gun
Bomb Burrow Bomb D
Pod Sky Wave Pod
Legs Booster Legs
Fly around and fire your pods and bombs at your opponent. When the time is right, fire the gun to surprise your opponent. 5-Way Gun can cover most of the field, and it can take down those pesky Little Sprinters/Raiders. Although 5-Way Gun is only horizontal, the Sky Wave Pods can help if the opponent tries to jump over it.

Eddy Set
Creator: Eddy
Robo Mistral
Gun Sagittarius Gun
Bomb Volcanic Bomb
Pod Jumping Pod G
Legs Booster Legs


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