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Model Aerial Beauty
Style Power
Size* 9 x 3 x 1
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description Can air-jump twice. Highly maneuverable in air and makes tight turns. Good dogfighter.
Attack 105%
Defense 4
Endurance 4
Speed 5
Aerial 8
Air Dash
Speed 217 hm/s
Length 75.0 in
Type Air Jump
Quantity 2
Type Attack
Action Jumping Wheel Kick
Speed 339 hm/s
Standard Damage 155
Effect Opponent sent in low arc
Ground Speed 128 hm/s
Jump Speed 192 hm/s
Jump Distance 60.0 in
*currently measured in inches

Miranda is a Power Style Aerial Beauty that appears in Custom Robo Arena She is primarily used by Serene.

How to obtainEdit


Her charge is hard to use, owing to the fact that it hits slightly behind where she lands. Use it to chase off ground opponents who get to close.

Her airjumps can be used the same way as any other Aerial Beauty, but utilizing her power boost can be useful in creating a deadly aerial attacker. She doesn't have exceptional defense, so one shouldn't make a tanky set.

Thunder Strike
Creator: Sylar
Robo Miranda
Gun Thunderbolt Gun
Bomb Straight Bomb T
Pod Double Wave Pod
Legs Ground Legs
Recommended for use on a lava stage. Stun with the gun, fire the bomb to bring the opponent closer, and finish with a charge to knock them into the lava.

Trap Dancer
Creator: Silver493 (Strayed)
Robo Miranda
Gun Bubble Gun
Bomb Burrow Bomb D
Pod Umbrella Pod
Legs Feather Legs
This is a wait and watch set. focuses on only attacking when your foe is vulnerable or trapping. Use bomb to pressure foe and perform known techniques of the umbrella pod. knock foe down using your gun. charge only for defensive purposes or if foe is in range.

Flaring Forest Fire
Creator: Anonymous aerial beauty fan
Robo Miranda
Gun Splash gun
Bomb Straight bomb G
Pod Jumping pod G
Legs Wide Jump legs
A set I came up with while playing Arena. Use the splash gun as a longer range stun or to slow your opponent down, then follow up with a charge or launch a bomb then charge. The pods can be used for other combos or to limit your opponent's mobility. The legs are simply a movement increase for better approaching, evasion or fleeing.


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