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Mira Render
Occupation Police Squad Captain
Robo Of Choice Sol
Commander License Class S
Resides Dome City
Game Custom Robo Battle Revolution

Mira is a high ranking captain of the police squad, and Harry's sister. She commands the Aerial Beauty model Sol.


Mira's skills as a commander are well known among the police squad and the Dome city. From Trish it's learned that Mira had automatically taken the Class A test instead of starting with beginner rank and passed. For this feat she was permitted to join the police squad. Her teammates were Roy and Sergei, and together the three were known to perform quite well as a unit. The trio was then permitted to take the Class-S License exam and eventually were told of the Outside World. Shortly after Sergei "disappeared" occurred with no trace. Mira and Roy duo searched for their friend, but to no avail . They still continue to work as active members of the Police Squad by the beginning of " A New Journey".