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Minamo Pod
Range Far
Blast Type F (Flipper)
Standard Damage 33-39 Damage
Maximum Deployment 2
Illegal Yes
Description To be added.
Attack 33-39 Damage.
Speed Fast
Homing Strong
Size Medium
Time Medium
Firing Detail
Ground Dmg/Round 33-39 Damage
Ground Description To be added.
Air Dmg/Round 33-39 Damage
Air Description To be added.

This part is illegal.

The Minamo Pod is an Illegal Pod part that appears in Custom Robo (Nintendo 64) and Custom Robo V2. It is an upgrade to the Float Pod F that gives off bigger explosions and deals slightly more damage.


This is a very good pod at preventing the opponent from jumping as it flies above the opponent. Keep on deploying these pods in order to pressure the opponent into not jumping.


Keep moving and try not to jump when the pod is above you. This is a tough pod to fight against, but it's manageable.

How to Obtain

  • Custom Robo (N64): Beat Story Mode.
  • Custom Robo V2: Grand Battle Area 7.

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