Meteor Storm Gun
Range Medium
Round(s) 7
Standard Damage 195
Sweet spot {{{sweetspot}}}
Illegal No
Description Fires multiple shots that spread vertically and horizontally to block foe's escape route.
Attack 5
Speed 4
Homing 2
Reload 5
Down 4
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 42.00
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round 39.00
Air Description

The Meteor Storm Gun fires a flurry of light blue shots and works well on blocking escape routes. It is popular when firing from on high and on the Battlefield: Tomorrow stage. Its illegal versions are the Crystal Strike Gun and the Indigo Gun.


At close range, this gun is pretty weak, but at the extent of this gun's range, it can deal damage devastating enough to rival the Sniper Gun. This is due to the rounds spreading out, maximizing surface area for contact.

For overall strategy, one should buzz around in the air sprinkling this gun, trapping the opponent in the corner or the sides.


Counter with fast rounds because this gun's rounds are not very fast.

How to obtain

Custom Robo (Nintendo 64): ?

Custom Robo V2: ?

Custom Robo GX: ?

Custom Robo (GameCube): ?

Custom Robo Arena: Can be purchased from the part store in Midheart High.