Metal Bear
Model Metal Grappler
Style Normal (CR1)
Normal (V2)
Armor (BR)
Size* Large
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description Strong on offense and defense. Poor mobility makes dodging attacks difficult. Air-dashes once.
Attack V2: 105%
BR: 105%
Defense CR1: 8
V2: 8
BR: 4.5
Endurance CR1: 9
V2: 9
BR: 5.0
Speed CR1: 3
V2: 3
BR: 1.0
Aerial CR1: 3
V2: 3
BR: 1.5
Air Dash
Speed Medium
Length Long
Type Air Dash
Quantity 1
Type Attack
Action Charges straight toward its foe and attacks. Extremely strong offensively.
Speed N/A
Standard Damage CR1: 180
V2: 180
BR: 180 (stat is 5.0)
Effect All games: Knocks opponent forwards.
Ground Speed N/A
Jump Speed N/A
Jump Distance N/A
*currently measured in inches

Metal Bear is a Metal Grappler that has appeared in Custom Robo (Nintendo 64), Custom Robo V2, and Custom Robo (GameCube). It is a Normal Style Metal Grappler in the N64 titles and an Armor Style Metal Grappler in Custom Robo Battle Revolution. Its primary Commanders are Max in all 3 games and Ernest in Custom Robo Battle Revolution, but some of the Criminals, Lab Techs, and Z Lackeys use it in Battle Revolution.

Two upgraded versions of Metal Bear appear in Custom Robo GX. They are known as Neo Metal Bear and Death Metal Bear.

How to obtainEdit


This Metal Bear is considered to be the quintessential Metal Grappler due to its impressive offensive and defensive capabilities. However, it does suffer from low speed. The best approach for using Metal Bear is a "head-on" approach; that is, attack your opponent without worrying too much about the damage you take. A system overload rarely happens to this robo; it takes three shots from the Sniper Gun to down it.

In addition, you could always follow what Max does and aim for a Long Ranged set. If you choose to do this, you should use a gun like the Rayfall Gun or the Sniper Gun. Metal Bear's high offensive stat should be able to tear its opponents apart with ease.

Metal Bear's Charge is VERY powerful, but it does take a while to start up, so you might want to use it while the opponent is distracted or while the opponent is stunned. If you can hit with it, you'll definitely hurt the opponent VERY badly.

As for leg parts, try equipping the Stabilizer Legs or the Ground Legs. The former will boost your acceleration, allowing for nimble movement, while the latter will allow you to air dash close to the ground without too much worry about landing lag. This will help offset Metal Bear's lack of speed.

Freeze and Fall
Creator: The One Who Wrote This
Robo Metal Bear
Gun Rayfall Gun
Bomb Freeze Bomb
Pod Seeker Pod G
Legs Ground Legs
This is a long range set, so this might be countered by a Stun Gun. For those who lack such tools, this is a decent set. Keep on firing the Rayfall Gun while on the Ground and use a jump shot right afterwards in order to fire 8 shots at once. Use the Freeze Bomb to freeze the opponent in place and the Seeker Pod G to keep them moving, making the opponent more likely to get hit by a Freeze Bomb. The Ground Legs allow Metal Bear to Air Dash quickly without the fear of intense landing lag when he needs to escape the opponent.

Creator: Dark0Rising
Robo Metal Bear
Gun Stun Gun
Bomb Any
Pod Any
Legs Wide Jump Legs
Legs let you get away very fast, while the body is very resistant to damage. The Stun Gun lets you mash the attack button and will take down any robo quickly.