This part is illegal.
Messier Pose Improved
Model Aerial Beauty
Style Other
Size* Medium
Classification Illegal
Description An illegal robo based on Aerial Beauty models. Its air dash speed has been enhanced to make it easier to dodge enemy gunfire.
Attack 5
Defense 5
Endurance 5
Speed 8
Air Dash
Speed Fast
Length Short
Type Cancellable Dash

Messier is an illegal Aerial Beauty robo that appears in Custom Robo GX. It has been modified to have greater Speed and a faster Air Dash. She is primarily used by Akane in Illegal Tournaments.

It is an illegal upgrade to Pluto.

How to obtainEdit

  • Custom Robo GX: Purchase from the Dark Shop for 105,000SV.


Messier is like other Aerial Beauties when looking at her Attack, Defense, and Knockdown stats. However, what sets her apart from the other aerial beauties is her speed and her air dash.

First of all, she is very quick. This allows her to move around in the battlefield with ease. This essentially makes her a quicker Luna.

The second important thing to note about Messier is her Air Dash. Her air dash, like the other Aerial Beauties, is able to be cancelled. However, her air dash moves her VERY fast. Because of this, she can be used to rush an opponent down as well as make quick movements to avoid blows.

Overall, she is a wonderful robo to use if you want to emphasize speed while not sacrificing other stats. However, if you desire another robo that has better all around stats, try using Darksome as it has a higher base stat total.

If illegal parts are banned from play, try using a robo like Luna or Flare Mk II. They have similar stats to Pluto.

Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Robo Messier
Gun Darkness Blow
Bomb I Geo Trap Bomb
Subweapon I Smash Gunner
Action Chip Short Slash
The primary set that Akane uses in the Illegal Tournaments at the Creepy Mansion. Messier is very quick, so she's bound to avoid attacks pretty easily. Darkness Blow will fire 2 streams of converging shots at the opponent (like the Fang Blow Gun). However, while the shots do more power, they don't track the opponent, so it's not the best gun in every situation. I Geo Trap Bomb is basically just a more powerful Geo Trap Bomb while I Smash Gunner mainly just goes farther than Smash Gunner. And Short Slash has the ability to attack from any angle, but it cannot go too far (true to its name). Overall, range is really hurting this set, so countering this set with a long range set shouldn't be too hard.



  • It is named after the Messier objects, a group of astronomical objects that resembled, but were not in fact, comets, which were documented by Charles Messier, a French astronomer.

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